A British Guide to the End of the World

Archive Producer : Feb 2019 - Nov 2019
Erica Starling Productions

Acclaimed film for BBC Arena about Britain and the nuclear age, directed by Daniel Vernon and nominated at 2020 FOCAL Awards.

Using extraordinary unseen archive and exclusive testimonies from people directly involved in Great Britain’s nuclear story, this 75-minute film tells the story of a small group of British soldiers who, in 1957, witnessed Britain’s first nuclear bomb tests in the South Pacific.  It also shows Britain’s potentially futile preparations for nuclear attack during the Cold War.  Accompanied by an atmospheric score by Daniel Goddard, the film features classified footage, hidden for decades, as well as television reports and government information videos that retain the spirit of Cold War paranoia.

FOCAL Awards 2020 – nominated in Best History Feature category.

“A British Guide To The End of The World is a shocking story of how Britain prepared for apocalypse…a wonderfully evocative portrait of a bygone Britain…a gripping documentary.”  Evening Standard